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NEW DELHI: Russian ambassador to India Denis Alipov has called for urgent reforms within the United Nations (UN) and its affiliated agencies. Alipov emphatically backed the idea that India must become a permanent member of the UN Security Council.
“We are of the view that India as a permanent member of the Security Council could make a significant contribution to promoting balance as well as an agenda focused on the interests of the world majority, primarily the countries of the Global South,” the Russian envoy said in an interview with RT news agency.
“We have repeatedly indicated our support for New Delhi’s candidacy. Our Indian partners have proven themselves worthy during their non-permanent membership in the UNSC in 2021-2022 and have successfully led the Council twice. Their G20 presidency was also a clear confirmation of their high professionalism in multilateral diplomacy and the ability to find consensus amid growing geopolitical tensions,” he added.
In an interview with the RT news agency, the Russian envoy expressed his support for India’s candidacy, highlighting its successful non-permanent membership in the UNSC and its ability to find consensus in multilateral diplomacy.
Alipov also voiced concerns about the alleged polarization at the UN, stating that it complicates the expansion of the Security Council, which already has an overrepresentation of Western countries.
“Polarization at the UN significantly complicates dialogue on expanding the Security Council, in which the West is already disproportionately ‘overrepresented’. Against this background, we are doubtful of the vigorously promoted applications of new Western candidates,” the Russian ambassador to India said.

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“At the same time, it is widely recognized that bringing the composition of the UN Security Council in to line with modern realities, bearing in mind the well-founded aspirations of India and other reputable contenders from Asia, Africa and Latin America for permanent membership, is long overdue. In this respect we value the broadest possible consensus,” Alipov added.
The Russian ambassador to India also spoke about the growing trade ties and bilateral relations between New Delhi and Moscow. He described the trade and economic cooperation between the two countries as unprecedented, with Russia being one of India’s top trading partners.

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“Our trade and economic cooperation has reached an unprecedented level. Russia is one of India’s four main trading partners. We maintain a leading position in the supply of hydrocarbons providing more than a third of Indian imports,” Alipov said.
“Supplies of mineral fertilizers and products of the agricultural and diamond sectors are growing. All this creates a favourable atmosphere for our mutually beneficial cooperation to achieve new heights and strengthens the feeling of mutual trust in the business environment,” he added.

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