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NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Indian diaspora at the ‘Ahlan Modi‘ event in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday. During his address to thousands of Indians present at the Zayed Sports City Stadium, PM Modi highlighted the strong and historical relationship between India and the UAE, emphasising the enduring friendship between the two nations.
PM Modi arrived in Abu Dhabi for his official visit to the United Arab Emirates from February 13 to 14. He was welcomed by UAE President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan at the airport.
The enthusiasm of the Indian diaspora has been overwhelming, prompting organisers to close registrations last week as the number of attendees surpassed 65,000.
Here are the key quotes from the Prime Minister’s address at the ‘Ahlan Modi’ event:

  • Here in Abu Dhabi, history is being made today. People from all over the UAE and different Indian states have gathered. Despite our diverse backgrounds, our hearts are united in this historic stadium, chanting – Long live India-UAE friendship.
  • I am fortunate to have received the UAE’s highest civilian award – The Order of Zayed. This honor belongs not just to me but to the millions of Indians, to all of you.
  • In 2015, when I presented the proposal to build a temple in Abu Dhabi on behalf of all of you to Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed, he immediately approved it. Now, the time has come to inaugurate this grand BAPS temple.
  • India-UAE relations are reaching unprecedented heights; we are partners in each other’s progress.
  • More than 1.5 lakh Indian students are currently enrolled in UAE schools. Additionally, a Master’s course was initiated at the IIT Delhi campus here last month, and a new CBSE office is set to open soon in Dubai. These institutions will play a crucial role in offering top-notch education to the Indian community in the region.
  • Both nations have progressed hand in hand, forging a strong alliance. Presently, the UAE stands as India’s third-largest trading partner and seventh-largest investor. Both countries are actively collaborating to enhance the ease of living and ease of doing business. The Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) signed in the past are testament to our ongoing commitment, facilitating the integration of our financial systems. The partnership between India and the UAE in the realms of technology and innovation is continually gaining strength.
  • India is recognised as a ‘Vishwa Bandhu’ (global friend), with its influence resonating across major international platforms. India’s voice is prominent in global discussions, and in times of crisis, it is among the first nations to extend support. The robust India of today steadfastly stands by its people at every juncture.
  • India’s mega infrastructure projects, vibrant tourism appeal, and growing prowess in sports have earned it recognition on the global stage. It’s a matter of pride to note these achievements. The world acknowledges India’s digital revolution through initiatives like Digital India. Efforts are underway to ensure that the people in the UAE also benefit from this transformation. Initiatives such as sharing RuPay card packs with the UAE and the upcoming introduction of UPI in the UAE will enable seamless payments between Indian and UAE accounts, fostering stronger financial connectivity.

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