Mitchell Starcs Toe-Crushing Yorker Forces Shamar Joseph To Retire After Bleeding, Video Goes Viral – Watch

The second Test match between Australia and West Indies took an unexpected twist when Mitchell Starc unleashed a toe-crushing yorker that left West Indies’ Shamar Joseph with a bloodied toe and forced him to retire hurt. Let’s delve into the details of this gripping moment that unfolded during the 73rd over of the West Indies’ second innings. Mitchell Starc, known for his lethal pace and accuracy, delivered a searing yorker that struck Shamar Joseph on his right foot. Initially given out by umpire Sharfuddoula Saikat for an LBW dismissal, the decision was overturned upon review as Starc’s foot had crossed the popping crease, rendering the ball a no-ball.

The Agony Unfolds

Despite the reprieve from dismissal, Joseph was in immediate distress. Removing his shoe, he signaled for medical assistance, revealing a troubling sight of blood from his big toe. With just 3 runs to his name, Joseph had no option but to retire hurt, bringing the West Indies’ innings to a close at 193 all out.

Sportsmanship Amidst Adversity

As Joseph struggled to walk, teammates Kevin Sinclair and a team medic provided assistance. In a display of sportsmanship, Mitchell Starc and Nathan Lyon offered supportive gestures as Joseph left the field.

The Aftermath and Impact

Unable to return for Australia’s second innings, Shamar Joseph was sent for medical scans, leaving a void in the West Indies’ lineup. This injury adds complexity to West Indies’ task of defending a 216-run target set by Australia.

The Larger Context

As the Test match continued, Australia faced a shaky start in their chase, losing key wickets early on. Despite this, Steve Smith showed resilience, batting on 26 off 34 balls. The Australian team needed 174 more runs to secure victory, setting the stage for a thrilling conclusion to a closely contested match.

Social Media Reacts

The incident sparked widespread reactions on social media, with fans expressing empathy for Shamar Joseph. Videos capturing the moment and Twitterati’s responses added an emotional layer to the already intense atmosphere at the Gabba.

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