Why Is Googles Bard AI Chatbox Renamed Gemini? Know Features Of Gemini Advanced And Availability

New Delhi: Google recently made several announcements in a blog post, which include renaming its Bard AI chatbot to Gemini, introducing a new Gemini app, and rolling out the Gemini Advanced large language model alongside a premium subscription.

Bard, previously known as Google’s conversational generative AI assistant, competes with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. It offers users online access to AI capabilities for generating images and text content based on their inputs.

Do you know why Google took the drastic step of renaming its popular widely-used chatbot to Gemini? CEO Sundar Pichai has recently provided insights into this decision during his latest interaction. 

Explaining the motive behind the name alteration during an interview with CNBC, Pichai stated, “Gemini represents our overarching strategy for developing our most proficient and secure AI model. Bard served as the primary means for users to engage with our models directly, thus transitioning it to Gemini aligns seamlessly since it directly refers to the underlying Gemini model.” (Also  Read: Vivo Y200e 5G Spotted On Google Play Console, May Launch In India By February End, Check Tipped Specs)

“I believe it will also serve as the conduit through which we will continuously enhance our models, providing users with a direct experience. Hence, we concluded that the name change was appropriate.”

Discover the Latest Features in Gemini Advanced 

Gemini Advanced marks Google’s latest effort to offer users enhanced AI functionalities. Pichai described Gemini Advanced as “a new experience far more capable at reasoning, following instructions, coding, and creative collaboration.”  

Perks Of Gemini Advanced

  • The subscription to Gemini Advanced is priced at Rs 1,950 per month.
  • Grants entry to Google’s most powerful AI model.
  • Promotional offer: Two months of free use.
  • Bundled with Google One.
  • Access to all Google One benefits.
  • 2TB of cloud storage space.

Gemini Advanced Ultra Model Features

Benefits for Digital Creators

  • AI-driven content creation.
  • Trend analysis.
  • Idea generation and inspiration for increasing engagement and audience size.


The free version of Gemini (trained on Gemini Pro) as well as Gemini Advanced will be accessible via both the website and an Android app. For iOS users, the AI assistant can be accessed through the Google app. 

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