AI-Powered Smart Pen Will Turn Your Handwriting Into Digital Notes Instantly; Check More Features

New Delhi: AI-powered smart pen XNote works with your iPhone to transform handwritten notes into digital text and leverages artificial intelligence to provide insightful responses to queries regarding your notes.

Paired with a specially designed dotted notebook, XNote offers enhanced functionality, allowing users to easily search, edit, and set reminders based on their handwritten scribbles. The dots on each page of the notebook allow the AI-powered smart pen to track its exact location, while the app records pen strokes in real time and saves them.

This real-time syncing ensures that all your written notes are instantly digitized, facilitating effortless searching, editing, and sharing. Notably, XNote is a regular pen that writes on normal paper. This ChatGPT-powered smart pen goes beyond basic transcription with its integration of ChatGPT, enabling users to ask questions about their notes and receive summarized key points, action items, reminders, and more based on the content. (Also Read: Why Is Google’s Bard AI Chatbox Renamed Gemini? Know Features Of Gemini Advanced And Availability)

This ingenious pen combines the nostalgia and convenience of handwriting with the efficiency of modern technology, eliminating the limitations of traditional pen and paper. With XNote, your notes are transformed into a proactive planner, ensuring that you never miss a task or overlook important details.

AI-Powered XNote Features

While XNote is compatible with regular paper, its true magic lies in the dotted notebook, where the pen’s tracking capabilities are optimized. According to the startup, XNote can provide answers to queries about your handwritten notes, extract action points from meetings, and remind you of significant highlights from past events based on your notes. (Also Read: Vivo Y200e 5G Spotted On Google Play Console, May Launch In India By February End, Check Tipped Specs)

AI-Powered XNote Price

The XNote pen and the accompanying dotted notebook are available for pre-order at 199 USD (approximately Rs. 16,518) on Indiegogo. To access all the advanced AI features such as reminders and quizzes, users will need to purchase an XNote subscription for a one-time fee of 59 USD (roughly Rs. 4,898).

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