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Taking a hiatus can lead to improved mental health by reducing exposure to negative news and online drama. (Image: Shutterstock)

Navigating a social media break may seem challenging, filled with FOMO, the urge to share, and the void left behind. But fear not, for taking a break is not an insurmountable challenge.

Embarking on a social media break might seem like a daunting task, especially when the allure of constant updates and the fear of missing out (FOMO) loom large. We have all been there, announcing our departure only to find ourselves scrolling through our feeds again within a day or two. But fear not, for taking a break is not an insurmountable challenge.

Let’s see some down-to-earth strategies to make your social media hiatus a success, drawing insights from Dr Vishesh Kasliwal, CEO and founder of Medyseva, as reported by The Indian Express.

  1. Set goals for your breakIt’s crucial to set clear goals for your break. Identify why you’re stepping away, be it to reduce stress, boost productivity, or enhance mental health. Having these objectives in mind will keep you on track. Inform your online circle about your break; this not only manages expectations but also garners support from your digital community. Establish a specific timeframe for your hiatus, whether it’s a few days gap or for a couple of weeks.
  2. Minimise all the notificationsTo curb the incessant urge to check your apps, disable notifications. Minimise distractions and temptations during your break. Replace social media with alternative activities like picking up a hobby, reading a book, or spending quality time offline with friends and family. Take it a step further by uninstalling social media apps from your phone; the inconvenience will deter you from mindless scrolling.
  3. Do activities that don’t involve social mediaCraft a schedule for your break, outlining activities that don’t involve social media. Use this time for self-reflection, understanding your relationship with these platforms, identifying triggers, and contemplating long-term adjustments. If possible, meet friends face-to-face. Real-world interactions offer a refreshing break from the virtual world.
  4. In-person interactionTry to meet friends in person. Face-to-face interactions can help give you a refreshing break from all your virtual connections.
  5. Access benefits of the breakRegularly assess your progress and be open to adjustments. If certain aspects of your social media use negatively impact you, consider making permanent changes.

Taking a hiatus can lead to improved mental health by reducing exposure to negative news and online drama. With fewer interruptions, productivity often experiences a boost. Disconnecting from social media before bedtime can enhance sleep quality. Real-life connections flourish, fostering a sense of community beyond the digital realm. Minimising exposure to negative content contributes to lower stress levels and reduced anxiety. Stepping away also diminishes the inclination to compare oneself to others, promoting healthier self-esteem and a more positive self-perception.

In a world inundated with constant updates, taking a step back from social media can prove to be a transformative and beneficial experience. So, set those goals, inform your circle, and embark on a social media break tailored to your well-being.

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