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These ingredients will contribute to a flavorful and nutritious cabbage poriyal.

Poriyal, a simple stir-fried dish, can be prepared with various veggies.

Cabbage poriyal is a straightforward South Indian side dish featuring cabbage, spices and herbs. This quick and easy recipe requires basic pantry staples. Poriyal, a simple stir-fried dish, can be prepared with various veggies, and here it takes cabbage as the primary ingredient. In South India, stir-fried dishes go by different names like poriyal, vepudu, thoran, etc.

Here’s the ingredient list for the cabbage poriyal:

– Cabbage – 150 grams

– Carrot – 1

– Green peas – 1 cup

– Basi dal – 5 tbsp

– Grated coconut – 4 tbsp

– Onions – 10

– Garlic – 3 cloves

– Green Chillies – 3

– Oil – 1 tablespoon

– Mustard – 1/2 tsp

– Gram flour – 1 tbsp

– Fenugreek – As required

– No coriander

– Salt – as per taste

– Water

How to make cabbage poriyal?

1) Begin by washing and soaking moong dal in water for approximately an hour. Afterward, drain the dal.

2) Next, chop the cabbage and place it in a bowl of slightly salted warm water. For 4 cups of water, a tablespoon of salt works well.

3) Ensure that the cabbage is thoroughly drained in a colander to avoid excess water, preventing it from becoming mushy during cooking. In a hot pan, add oil.

4) Once the oil is hot, introduce mustard and cumin seeds. As they start to crackle, include grated or chopped ginger, curry leaves and slit green chilli.

5) After draining the water from the dal, add it to the pan. Cook it covered on low heat until the lentils become tender and soft, avoiding them turning mushy. If needed, sprinkle a little water to prevent dryness.

6) Introduce the chopped cabbage and turmeric. Fry on medium-high flame, tossing occasionally, until the raw smell of the cabbage dissipates.

7) Continuously stir and fry until the cabbage becomes slightly tender yet retains a crunch. Add salt and stir-fry just before turning off the heat. If incorporating coconut, sprinkle and mix it well. Taste test and add more salt if necessary.

This nutritious cabbage poriyal recipe is enriched with protein using moong dal for added nutrition. You can substitute it with chana dal or green peas. Not only is it delicious and easy to make, but it also complements rice, phulka, roti, or chapati in any meal. Even fussy kids will love it, as the lentils maintain their texture without turning mushy. The entire dish is prepared through stir-frying, without the need for water–soaked lentils to cook on low heat, and if necessary, a sprinkle of water can be added to prevent mushiness.

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