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Eating a healthy diet is the first step towards building muscle, and it’s just as important as lifting weights or working out in the gym.

While many gym enthusiasts obsess over protein for muscle building, here’s something you may not have considered. The best diet strategy for healthy muscle building is a balanced and nutrition-dense diet.

“Carbohydrates and fats are as critical and crucial for muscle building as protein is!” says Miten Kakaiya, fitness, and wellness coach at Miten Says Fitness. “While Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy, fats are essential for nutrient absorption and overall health. It’s a healthy balance between all the macronutrients that optimise muscle building,” adds the coach.

Here’s how Indian Gym Goers can plan their diet right for optimal muscle building-

Carbohydrates: The Energy Providers

“Imagine carbs as the super enthusiastic friend who’s always up for a workout!” says Miten. “Carbohydrates provide energy, and are crucial for performance and muscle recovery,” he adds.

In an Indian kitchen, there are a lot of complex carbohydrate-rich foods that can be integrated into the diet viz, Jowar Roti, Bajra Roti, Poha, Basmati Rice, etc. Adequate addition of these into your daily diet can help you stay energetic, and active, and also recover from workout sessions well.

Fats: The Essential Nutrient of Vitality

Often vilified due to their high-calorie count, healthy fats are essential for health and well-being. They are vital for absorbing fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K) and carotenoids and supply essential fatty acids. In fact, too little fat in one’s diet may lead to a reduction in your testosterone levels, which would then make it difficult for you to build muscle. In an Indian household, the best sources of healthy fats can be ghee, nuts, seeds, and dry fruits.

Protein: The Muscle Maestro

Of course, protein is the rockstar of the fitness world. “While protein is excellent in maintaining and building muscle, it helps in repairing and growing the body’s tissues, and making essential hormones and supporting immune function,” says Miten. Indian Gym Goers can add protein naturally into their diet with a variety of options like Dals, milk, yoghurt, paneer, chicken, eggs, fish etc.

Alcohol: The fourth macronutrient

Alcohol is the fourth macronutrient that provides the body with energy, however, it’s not essential. While it’s important to focus on what to include in your diet, it’s equally crucial to identify what to limit. Alcohol, often consumed in social settings, offers empty calories with no nutritional benefits. “Alcohol also limits your body’s ability to recover, and thereby build lean muscle tissues” adds Kakaiya.

When it comes to muscle building, eating right is the only way to go about it. The best diet strategy for Indian Gym Goers is to tap into a balanced and nutrient-dense diet while following a workout plan that works for their body type, habits, and preferences.

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