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Should I be embarrassed by the fact I like Valentine’s Day? Probably? But I do. I like everything chocolate, I think flowers are charming, I have nothing against a nice glass of wine and I melt when my children present me with homemade cards scribbled with their sweet handwriting. If you welcome an opportunity to cook a special meal for your partner or to put out an amazing spread for your friends, then I’m offering up Valentine’s Day for your consideration.

All that said, there’s nothing less attractive or fun than a kitchen full of tedious cleaning tasks. So I’ve chosen one-pot, minimal-prep recipes for you for this week, along with simple dishes that cook in one pan and could use rice or potatoes on the side, bringing your total to two pots. That’s not so bad, people.

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This recipe from Millie Peartree makes it very easy to be fancy, and the addition of asparagus and baby potatoes makes it an entire meal on one pan. There’s barely any chopping at all! And you can substitute in green beans or broccolini if you like.

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Speaking of easy and fancy — this silky, risotto-ish recipe from Melissa Clark cooks in one pot and can be made with pre-cut squash from the store to save you a little prep time. Take it up a notch by adding a creamy dollop of ricotta cheese just before serving.

Nothing says “special meal” quite the way steak does, and this easy, butter-basted recipe from Ali Slagle is the only one you need. (Unless you have an air fryer, in which case this is the only recipe you need.) Serve it with a big green salad and maybe boiled baby potatoes, or mashed potatoes if you don’t mind a tiny bit of extra work. Open a bottle of red wine, please!

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But of course (and no pressure). Serve Naz Deravian’s version of the creamy, saucy internet-famous dish with a baguette and a salad. Happy Valentine’s.

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