Super Bowl live updates: Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers

President Joe Biden made his campaign’s TikTok debut on Sunday night, answering a series of light-hearted Super Bowl-themed questions. 

He refused to pick between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs and instead opted for the first lady’s hometown team, the Philadelphia Eagles.

“My wife’s a Philly girl,” he said in the TikTok posted to the Biden HQ account.

He picked game over commercials.

“Mama Kelce” when asked to choose between Jason and Travis Kelce. He jokingly said he would “get in trouble if I told you” when asked if he rigged the game for the Chiefs.

And in the final round of questioning of “Trump or Biden,” he laughed and replied, “Are you kidding? Biden.”

It comes as the campaign is searching for more ways to engage with young voters.

The Biden team has leaned on online influencers during Biden’s first term in office, including meetings with TikTok influencers at the White House. The Democratic National Committee is already on TikTok.  

The campaign has not made a decision about whether the principals — Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and their spouses — will join TikTok in the future, Biden campaign advisers said.

There are security concerns around the popular video app.

TikTok doesn’t operate in China. But since the Chinese government enjoys significant leverage over businesses under its jurisdiction, the theory goes that ByteDance, and thus indirectly, TikTok, could be forced to cooperate with a broad range of security activities, including possibly the transfer of TikTok data.

The US government has said it’s worried China could use its national security laws to access the significant amount of personal information that TikTok, like most social media applications, collects from its US users.

The Biden campaign will take “advanced safety precautions” with its devices and will incorporate a “sophisticated security protocol to ensure security,” a Biden campaign adviser said while noting the “campaign’s presence is independent and apart from the ongoing“ Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States review.


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