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LUCKNOW: The eyes, indeed, had it all. The moment a yellow muslin scarf was taken off, revealing the face of Ram Lalla during the grand Pran Pratishtha (consecration) ceremony in Ayodhya on Jan 22, the world took a pause. Thanks to the exquisite craftsmanship of Mysore sculptor Arun Yogiraj, the mesmerising and innocent eyes bewitched everyone.
Now, nearly three weeks after the ‘shyamal (dark complexioned)’ idol was consecrated at the Ram temple, the acclaimed carver on Saturday shared with fans the silver hammer used in shaping the divine eyes of the Lord.
Ram Lalla’s eyes bewitched all, social media abuzz
“Thought of sharing this silver hammer with the golden chisel, using which I carved the divine eyes (Netronmilana) of Ram Lalla, Ayodhya,” Yogiraj posted on his Facebook page.
The ritualistic opening of the idol’s eyes is called Netronmilana, marking the most important part of the consecration ceremony, where the deity’s presence is invoked into the idol. On Jan 21 night, a few hours before the much-awaited consecration, images of the Ram Lalla idol with eyes covered had gone viral on social media. Ram Lalla idol depicts Ram at age five, and was carved from black stone by Yogiraj, a fifth-generation sculptor.
“The stone was very hard, so hard that its pointed flake once pricked his eye and it was removed through an operation. Even during the pain, he did not stop and continued with the work,” Yogiraj’s wife Vijeta had earlier revealed. According to experts, it is easier to carve out eyes in shwet shila (white stone). Social media was abuzz with posts about the exquisite eyes of the idol. From India’s G20 sherpa Amitabh Kant to former India cricketer Virender Sehwag, everyone talked about the eyes that looked amazingly real.
Three Ram Lalla idols were made by as many sculptors — Yogiraj, Ganesh Bhatt and Satyanarayan Pandey. While the one by Yogiraj was picked, the temple trust had said that the other two would be kept in other parts of Ram Mandir.

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