MMA Ring Or Maldives Parliament? Punches, Kicks, Hair Pulled During Session

Maldivian MPs seen fighting on the floor of parliament

Men in suits and ties heave at one another like madmen. They punch, kick, push and jostle. All this took place on the floor of Maldivian parliament, where a key vote on parliamentary approval for the Mohamed Muizzu government was scheduled for today. 

In one of the videos, which is now in wide circulation on the internet, an MP is seen clutching a fellow MP’s leg and the two taking a tumble together.

One of them then comes back and puts his knee on the other one and is seen pulling his hair, showed another clip. The footage also shows other members trying to push the MP away.

The two men seen in the fight are Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MP Isa and ruling PNC MP Abdullah Shaheem Abdul Hakeem.

In another video, the MP is seen blowing a horn into the speaker’s ear, who tries to block the noise by putting his hands to his ear.

Reports say several ruling party members barricaded the House and disrupted the session.

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