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MANGALURU: Preparations are under way and progressing at a brisk pace for the Mahamastakabhisheka Mahotsava of Bhagavan Shri Bahubali Swami in Venur to be held from Feb 22 to March 1. Bhagavan Bahubali is the son of the first Tirthankara Vrushabhanatha and Sunanda. He belongs to Ikshvaku vamsha.
The anointing for the 35-feet monolith will take place with narikela (tender coconut) ikshurasa (sugarcane juice), ksheera (milk), swetha kalakachurna (rice flour), kashaya (a juice prepared by boiling different herbs), srigandha (sandalwood paste), raktachandana, Ashta Gandha (a combination of eight types of sandalwood pastes), kesar (saffron), haladi (turmeric), Suvarnaratna Pushpavrusthi (a collection of different kinds of flowers mixed with golden suvarna flowers and sacred gems and stones), Pushpavrushti (a collection of different kinds of flowers). On the last day, 1008 Kalasa Abisheka is performed.
“Mahamastakabhisheka not only fills the air with fragrance, but also cultivates a positive mindset. The symbolic significance encourages individuals to overcome negative traits like anger, greed, ego, attachments, and jealousy, making it a profound and timeless observance,” said Thimmanna Arasu Dr Padmaprasad Ajila, Aladangady, of Ajila dynasty.
The Kalashas are arranged systematically as specified in the Jain agamas. Meanwhile, there are a few Kalashas that the community members can have and the most sacred is ‘prathama kalasha’ that is given to a dedicated shravak.
Anointment from 7am on Feb 25
On the account of the 25th anniversary of Deeksha Varsh of Yugala Munishri 108 Amoghakeerthi Muni Maharaj and 108 Amarakeerthi Munimaharaj, disciples of Shramana Acharya Sri Devanandeeji Gurudev, the Mahamastakabhisheka of Bhagavan Shri Bahubali Swami will be held on Feb 25, 7am onwards.
To be anointed with Kashmir saffron
Bahubali will be anointed with saffron sourced from Pampore in Kashmir. This offering is made by NB Shreyamsa Kumar and his family from Tumakuru. According to his son Rajendra Kumar GS, an engineer, the family is providing this service on several occasions. He said, “Recognising the tranquillity in the valley, we choose Kashmiri saffron for its quality, hoping the fragrance of saffron brings peace in and around India. Bahubali, an early proponent of disarmament, inspires this offering to the lord,” he said.
The family will also be offering turmeric sourced from Chamarajanagar.
Scaffolding with elevator facility
V Praveen Kumar Indra, chief secretary, Shri Digambara Jaina Theertha Kshetra Samithi, Venur, said, the scaffolding work has been completed by Mani of Mahaveer Industry overseeing it. Designed to accommodate approximately 600 people, the structure will also feature decorative exterior designs and an elevator. The scaffolding is being built at a cost of Rs 1 crore.
Meanwhile, about 4,000 Jains will get passes of which 3,000 people will be for the main premises and 1,000 will be seated in the gallery. Dharmadarshana will be arranged for the public, he said.
Of the two stages to be erected, one is the Bharatesha Sabha Bhavan, and another stage will be set up at the exhibition ground. Traditional Jain cuisine will be offered to devotees, and comprehensive parking facilities, including VIP parking, have been arranged. Out of the Rs 1 crore grants received from the minority welfare department, renovations for Akkangala Basadi, dedicated to Lord Chandranatha and Binnani Basadi, situated on the right side of the Bahubali idol and after the Brahma stamba, is undergoing renovation.
Govt funds will be used for the development of basic infrastructure. Five LED screens will be installed at various locations. About 40,000 devotees are expected to participate every day with arrangements made for a helipad and parking for 4,000 cars is underway. Mahaveer Credit Cooperative Society, Mangaluru, has sponsored 20 solar lights around Bahubali betta, said Indra.

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