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Excitement is reaching a crescendo for fans of Liella!, the beloved school idol group, as the anticipated announcement for the upcoming season of Love Live! Superstar!! has finally graced our screens. A recent video release unveiled a delightful array of activities, teasing fans with live shows from Liella!‘s subunits and an enticing fan meeting tour.However, the revelation that truly stole the spotlight was the confirmation of Love Live! Superstar!! Season 3, scheduled to premiere in October 2024 on NHK eTele.

Directed by the talented Takahiko Kyogoku and brought to life by animation studio Sunrise, Love Live! Superstar!! has captured the hearts of viewers with its infectious energy and vibrant characters. The series, known for its music by Yoshiaki Fujisawa and original character designs by Yuhei Murota, continues to be a beacon of joy for fans worldwide.
The journey of Love Live! Superstar!! unfolds in the halls of Yuigaoka Girls’ High School, a new academy nestled at the crossroads of Omotesando, Harajuku, and Aoyama. Devoid of history, upperclassmen and even a name to its credit, the school embarks on a unique journey of self-discovery. At the heart of this adventure is a group of five girls, led by the spirited Kanon Shibuya, who stumble upon the enchanting world of “school idols.”
“I love singing! I really do! And I want to accomplish something with it!” declares Kanon, embodying the dreams and aspirations of the budding stars. Thus begins the “School Idol Project” for these five girls, each armed with a blank slate and boundless potential.
The third season’s October premiere marks a continuation of Love Live! Superstar!!’s success story, building on the triumphs of its first two seasons. The inaugural season, which premiered on NHK Educational in July 2021, charmed audiences with its 12 captivating episodes. Following its success, the second season graced screens in July 2022, further solidifying the anime‘s place in the hearts of fans.
As we eagerly await the arrival of Love Live! Superstar!! Season 3, set to illuminate screens in October 2024, the anticipation is palpable. The journey of these school idols continues to resonate, promising more music, friendship, and the unwavering spirit of chasing dreams. Mark your calendars, dear fans, as October will be the month when Love Live! Superstar!! once again takes center stage, ready to enchant us with the magic of school idol dreams.

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