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NEW DELHI: Home minister Amit Shah, in Lok Sabha on Saturday, lit into the opponents of the construction of the Ram mandir in Ayodhya and the “pran pratishtha” ceremony, saying both had the sanction of the Supreme Court and emphasised that there is no country in the world in which the majority society had to fight such a long legal battle to be able to practice its faith, while adding that the switch from “war cry”of Jai Shri Ram to chants of Jai Siya Ram was to mark the celebration of achieving the desired goal.
“Supreme Court verdict on Ram temple manifested the secular spirit of India. In no other nation, the majority community has set the example of fighting such a long battle to reclaim the institution of their faith,” Shah said, taking on opponents and setting the stage for a duel on the issue in the campaign for the Lok Sabha elections.
Countering critics who accused BJP of divisiveness, Shah said, “On the contrary, the construction of Ram temple was a wonderful example of social unity and cultural revival that brought the entire society together and was a victory of spirituality and devotion over destruction and bigotry.”
In a powerful speech, Shah said, “The consecration marked the culmination of a struggle and campaign that had gone on since 1528 and marked the reawakening of country’s spiritual consciousness”.
Shah said the battle for the temple began in 1528 but the legal battle started in 1858. “After 330 years, the legal battle ended and Ram Lalla is in the sanctum sanctorum. I believe that the martyrs who continued this struggle for years must be happy wherever they are as their dream is fulfilled,” he said.
He argued that Ram constituted the core of national consciousness. “India cannot be imagined without Ram and Ram Charit Manas and those who deny them are alien to the ethos of country and are living under the tutelage of a colonial thinking,” he said.
“For years, the cause of Ram mandir remained buried under heaps of court papers. But during PM Modi-ji’s term, it got its voice and expression. No matter what anyone has to say, the 22nd of Jan is going to be a historic day for the next 1,000 years. This marks the victory of development over destruction, triumph of spirituality and devotion and heralds the era of the emergence of Bharat Mata as Vishwa Guru,” said Shah.
Setting the tone for BJP’s poll campaign, Shah also brought up the response to Chinese aggression, Indian Air Force’s strikes at the Balakot seminary of jihadi outfit Jaish-e-Mohammad, as well as the Prime Minister being the counsellor for students through his Pariksha Pe Charcha, and the handling of the Covid pandemic.
Recalling the contributions of temple movement veterans like LK Advani, Ashok Singhal and Nihangas, Shah said the entire movement will be seen as a representation of democratic values, depicting how a country, for the fulfilment of the religious aspirations of the majority, awaited so long with patience.

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