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Anupamaa (Rupali Ganguly) and Anuj Kapadia (Gaurav Khanna) meet for an unofficial date. The MAan fans are pleased and thrilled to see them together, but it appears that this will not happen anytime soon. In future episodes, you will see how Anuj is not ready to accept Anu’s closure.
In the most recent episode, Anuj confronts Anupamaa about leaving him and Choti Anu five years ago, asking why she did not return.Anu is adamant that she has caused Anuj a lot of suffering and that she still wants to be with him; she is also tired of being judged for not being a good mother, wife, and so on. Anupamaa wishes to fly solo, however Anuj is not prepared for her Udaan.
Anupamaa wants Anuj to end their love story since she does not want to write any more fresh chapters with him. Anuj is restless, reminding Anu that they have not yet separated but are simply staying away from one another, and he is not prepared for the separation because he adores her and cannot love anyone else in his life. Anuj, who is engaged to Shruti (Sukriti Kandpal), hears that talk and is horrified by seeing this confession from him for his ex-wife.
Netizens reacted to the heart-wrenching moment, a user wrote, “She strived hard to make an identity of her own name. But the pain associated with her name was way more than love for her identity. So she chose to leave her name & get lost in the world. This was heartbreaking.”
Another one wrote, “The fire #AnujKapadia & the ice #Anupamaa creates a perfect combo #maAn. The pallu grab is such a classic #maAn move Closure???? What’s that ??”

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It was Shruti’s birthday, and Anuj lied to her about an important appointment with Anu. She suspects something is wrong with Anuj and goes to check on him, but to her surprise, she encounters Joshi Ben and him. And now she’ll discover that Joshi Ben is merely Anupamaa. It’ll be interesting to observe how Shruti responds to this discovery in front of her.

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