7 Romantic Cocktails To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Loved One

Valentine’s Day 2023: They say that the best way to demonstrate your love for someone is to cook a special meal for them. But that’s not always possible, is it? How about you whip up a cocktail for your partner instead? Grand gestures are great, but thoughtful gifts are even better. A dazzling cocktail crafted by you could be the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. After all, their exquisite flavours, vibrant colours and refreshing taste are a fitting metaphor for romance. We have put together a list of delicious cocktails recipes to mark Valentine’s Day with your loved one. Check them out below:

Here are 7 romantic cocktail recipes to make Valentine’s Day memorable:

1. Devil’s Love Bite

This sweet and tangy drink is a combination of white rum, lemon juice, sugar syrup and one of the most romantic ingredients: strawberries. To make Devil’s Love Bite, blend fresh strawberries and then strain the juice. In a Boston shaker, mix the remaining ingredients. Don’t forget to rim the glass with salt before pouring the cocktail into it.
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2. Made for Each Other

If you’re looking for a vodka-based cocktail with strawberries, choose Made for Each Other. Layer a champagne glass with strawberry puree followed by crushed ice. Add vodka and top it off with lemonade. Garnish with a strawberry and fresh sprigs of basil. After that, sit back and let the drink (and its name) do the talking.
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3. Goodnight Kiss

Another vodka cocktail you can try is Goodnight Kiss. This one tastes simultaneously sweet and bitter – an unexpected combination that will surely wow your partner. To make the Goodnight Kiss cocktail, add maraschino cherry brine, Italian red bitter, vodka and ice cubes in a mixing jar. After stirring for around 10 seconds, pour it into a coupe or martini glass. Pour the dalgona coffee mix on top of the drink and garnish with three coffee beans.
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4. Al Higo

If you’re looking for a cocktail with a hint of wine, choose the Al Higo. Begin by muddling fresh figs. If you don’t have a muddler at home, you can use a wooden spoon. Pour citrus-infused vodka, elderflower syrup, cranberry Juice and ice cubes into a shaker. After shaking well, strain the mix and pour it into a highball glass. Top up with sparkling wine to amp up the romance. 
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5. Rangeela

Life without love is like life without colours – dull and dreary. You can celebrate the joy of Valentine’s day with the attractive Rangeela cocktail. This drink is a concoction of rum, mango, grenadine, and sugar with a tang of lime. You also need to add Blue Curacao on top. While making this drink, pay attention to the order in which the ingredients have to be added.
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6. Desi Masala Cocktail

Add some spice to your evening with the simple Desi Masala Cocktail. Slit a green chilli and add it to a salt-rimmed glass. Pour a white rum of your choice, and then add salt and red chilli flakes. Finally, top up with some guava juice.
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7. Purple Rain G & T

This one is for gin lovers. To make a Purple Rain G & T, put blue pea-infused gin, elderflower and lime juice top-up with tonic water into a shaker. Mix it well and pour it into a sheer goblet glass. Garnish it with edible flowers and a slice of orange to make it look stunning.
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