Bhuvan Bam denies ₹11 crore figure for new Delhi house: But it was my dream

Being comfortable professionally is something which Bhuvan Bam has enjoyed for a couple of years now. But now, he can be comfortable personally too, when his new house in Delhi gets completed.

Actor Bhuvan Bam

Rumoured to be worth a whopping 11 crores in Delhi, he rubbishes all such figures, “Arre nahi, galat hai. Yes I have got a house, I don’t know how this news got out. I didn’t know. I was so scared because I had not told people in my family as well. They called me after the news got out. I am under fire right now, I don’t know what to tell them!”

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The 30-year-old, popular for his viral sketches initially and called ‘BB ki Vines’ for the longest time instead of his real name, has come a long way clearly. “It is a good feeling,” he quips, “But materialistic things don’t excite me much now. A house is something I always wanted, to build a house on my own. It is a feeling I cannot put in words. It is something I want to live for the next one and a half years, I want to build it. I want to keep it as private as possible.”

On the work front too, things are shaping up great for Bam, whose shows Taaza Khabar was ranked amongst the most watched shows on OTT in 2023. And it comes as no surprise that second season was green-lit soon. But the fact that it is all about churning out more and more seasons today, does it put pressure on him to rush things?

“We were very well aware when we ended season one… we knew a second season had to come. The reception that we got after that, we knew a second one had to be written as quickly as possible. The first draft was done within the first four months of it’s release. We then started diving into it. We scaled it up a little bit for this. We wrote for over 9-10 months, and now are shooting it. We are in a good space,” he smiles.

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