Is Shark Tank India using Ashneer Grover’s name for views on YouTube?

Former Shark Tank India judge Ashneer Grover is certain that the business show is using his name to get more views on their YouTube videos after The Third Unicorn founder retweeted a post on X (formerly Twitter) showing that the Shark Tank India team used #AshneerGrover for their videos. Ashneer Grover was one of the judges on the first season of Shark Tank India but was dropped after his fallout with his former company BharatPe. His usage of the word “Doglapan”- which means duplicity or fake- also became very popular which made the entrepreneur write a book titled Doglapan.

Ashneer Grover is seen.

Ashneer Grover said that his growing popularity made him adopt healthy lifestyle changes and lose weight. But since leaving Shark Tank India, the entrepreneur has been taking sly digs at the showmakers. He mocked the show for having 12 judges in the third season instead of the usual six and also targeted the makers amid allegations of the judges not holding their end of the bargain to the entrepreneurs after promising funds to them. He then suggested that “Sharks” should deposit the money they plan to invest in escrow before the shooting begins.

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“Solution is simple — ask sharks to put money in escrow before the shoot starts! Dene ke liye paisa hona bhi chahiye (First, they should have the money before promising investment to others),” he posted on X.

On doubling the number of judges in the current season, the former “shark” said, “Shark Tank 3 is ‘audition’ of sharks for Shark Tank 4! Life mein ek lesson hai — don’t change and make unnecessary problem of something which is already solved. Wish quantity solves for quality!”

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